Grafana is an open-source project which relies heavily on community involvement. You can get involved in many ways for example: provide feedback, contribute features or bugfixes, improve to the documentation, answer user questions and help Grafana grow.

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February 4 - 5, 2017 | Brussels, Belgium


Grafana - Past, Present and Future - Why was Grafana born and what problem is it trying to solve? How do we try to solve these problems? We will look into some of the recent changes in Grafana that makes it easier to create, share and work with your dashboards. I'm also going to look into the future and talk about how we see the future of Grafana and talk a little bit about of software design philosophy.

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February 16, 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm metrics & monitoring #3

How Wikimedia Monitors Web Performance - Peter will talk about his work at Wikimedia measuring and monitoring web performance for He will talk about the setup (they only use Open Source tools), how they collect metrics, what to look for and the hits and misses they've done over the last year.


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Deconstructing the New Plugin Architecture in Grafana

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016 1:00pm EST

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Pulsepoint utilizes Grafana to create graphs and dashboards that are both concise and well organized. Grafana strikes the perfect balance between visually stunning and technically adept.

– Brian A. Imbriani, br Senior Linux Administrator, Pulsepoint

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