An open source, feature rich metrics dashboard and graph editor for
Graphite, InfluxDB & OpenTSDB.

GRAFANA!, up and running with a kick ass #graphite dashboard replacement in less than 2h thx @torkelo #devops hero

Jaime Gago
Jaime Gago @JaimeGagoTech

@torkelo Just discovered the best Graphite dashboard bar-none: Grafana. Simply awesome. Thanks Torkel! #grafana #graphite

Chris Madden
Chris Madden @dutchiechris

Just came across by @torkelo, pretty sure this is THE best thing ever. #grafana #graphite

George Brown
George Brown @georgeb_

In the process of converting Mojangs main #Graphite dashboards to #Grafana. So much slicker and simpler. Thanks @torkelo!

Grafana because we deserve a proper Graphite dashboard

@thatcks if i may, i highly recommend grafana from @torkelo via @rashidkpc - works like a charm for us

Feature highlights

Rich graphing

Fast and flexible client side graphs with a multitude of options.

  • Click and select region to zoom
  • Multiple Y-Axes
  • Bars, Lines, Points
  • Grid thresholds
  • Y-axis formats (bytes, milliseconds, etc)
  • Graphite PNG render option
  • View or edit graph in fullscreen
Graph Editor


Drag and drop panels, change row and panel width easily.

  • Instant dashboard search based on title or tags
  • Templated dashboards
  • Scripted dashboards
  • Save / Load from ElasticSearch
  • Save / Load from gist
  • Save / Load from json file
Dashboard example

Graphite target editor

Grafana includes a built in Graphite target parser that takes writing graphite metric expressions to a whole new level. Expressions are easier to read and faster to edit than ever.

  • Click on any metric segment to change it
  • Quickly add functions (search, typeahead)
  • Click on a function parameter to change it
  • Move function order to the left or right
  • Direct link to Graphite function documentation
Dashboard example

Video demo

This video will introduce you to the Grafana interface and some of the core features.

Templated dashboards

Any metric path can be replaced with a templated section. This allows you to create generic dashboards that can quickly be changed to show stats for a specific cluster, server, application or experiment.

Templated Dashboard


Annotate graphs with rich events from different data sources. Hover over events shows you the full event metadata.

Annotated graph

Dark and Light theme

If you do not prefer the default dark theme you can switch to a light theme.

White theme

InfluxDB & datasource options

You can define multiple graphite servers or InfluxDB servers and switch between them. It is even possible to show graphs from different data sources & servers on the same dashboard.

Annotated graph